Friday, July 16, 2010

~* 好好味 Fish Head Curry *~

At first, bf wanted to take me to a restaurant serving nice fish head curry in Setapak but it was not open. So, we went to Hou Mei Fish Head Curry Restaurant which was just nearby.

It was very nice to have something hot and spicy on a cold rainy day. This pot of fish head curry also had brinjal, ladyfinger, tau fu pok and pineapple in it. It was flavourful and not too spicy. I don't know how the pineapple helped in making the fish head curry delicious but bf and i loved eating the pineapple in the curry itself.

Salted Egg *i-don't-know-what* Bean.
Err... I don't know. I have forgotten what they call this bean in the menu but to me, it certainly tasted like French bean. But the restaurant does not call this as French bean. I don't really like this since i am not a fan of French bean.

Hakka Style Beancurd.
Nothing much to shout about. It was just fish paste mixed together with some other ingredients and topped on the soft beancurd. That's all. The gravy had some salted fish bits. Without the salted fish bits, the gravy itself did not have the salted fish taste at all.

Bf and i were very hungry on that day. Moreover, it was cold and still raining. That was why we ended up ordering three dishes - meat, vegetable and beancurd. But actually the fish head curry was enough to accommodate us. I did not know that the fish head curry would come with some vegetables too. Otherwise, i would cut down on the amount of dishes we ordered. After we finished our dinner, we got so full that we promised to ourselves that we will not order more than 3 dishes when it comes to this kind of dining concept. One meat and one vegetable or beancurd. But i always prefer beancurd over vegetable. But i also need the vegetable, right? Tough decision.

Hou Mei Fish Head Curry Restaurant
21, Jalan Bunga Kantan,
Taman P.Ramlee,
53000 Setapak,
Kuala Lumpur


taufulou said...

i love my fish head curry to be spicy and sour..:D

Autumn said...

haha.. this means you prefer indian fish head curry lor, right?