Sunday, August 29, 2010

*~ Good Deal @ Tian Tian Lai ~*

Bf mentioned about this Restoran Tian Tian Seafood (but in Chinese character, it is "Restoran Tian Tian LAI Seafood") in Sunway that served dishes at affordable prices. He also always talked about the butter mantis prawn. We decided to have dinner there few weeks ago and i pulled mum along.

Most of the time, mum and i just like ordering this Belacan Fried Sweet Potato Leaves (RM8.00) whenever we went out for dinner at this kind of places.

Butter Mantis Prawn (RM10.00) that bf recommended. Yes, RM10.00 for this big portion. I always prefer the creamy one but this was not bad at all. Bf told me that it could be better. To me, it failed to give me the "umph" i wanted. Again, RM10.00 for this mantis prawn was considered very cheap.

As recommended by bf also, we had Marmite Chicken Wings (RM10.00). 3 drummets and 3 wings. Surprisingly, this captured my attention rather than the butter mantis prawn. Really delicious... Crispy-skin chicken wings coated with sweet Marmite sauce. Yum yum...

Mum was so surprised when the bill came up to RM32, i think, which was a very good deal. Her eyes almost popped out. She kept on saying that we would be back again for other dishes and i totally agreed with her. :)

Restoran Tian Tian Lai Seafood
Medan Selera Sunway Foodcourt,
Jalan PJS 9/5,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Selangor.
(Address is taken from from Malaysia Most Wanted Food)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

~* Chili Pan Mee @ Kin Kin *~

Few weeks ago, i had chili pan mee with bf at Kin Kin Restaurant in Chow Kit. It was my second time having chili pan mee. My first visit was at Super Kitchen Chili Pan Mee in Kota Damansara.

We ordered a bowl soup with only the ingredients that had 2 pieces of fried beancurd skins, 2 meatballs and 2 fishballs (RM2.00).

Pan mee (RM5.50) was served with minced meat, fried shallot and half-boiled poached egg and garnished with spring onion. Two small bowls of sweet potato leaves soup were also served to us. We added the dry chili into the pan mee according to our own preferences.

Ta daa.... after mixing everything together. The chili was very hot! It really forced people to finish the pan mee faster! I guess this is the reason why their turnover is so high!

Looking at all these pictures again makes me want to go there for once more!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

*~ New Paris @ SS2 (Revisit) ~*

Before Lim (the joker in cap) went back to Australia in July for more torturing lessons, we had a dinner with him at New Paris in SS2. It was my second visit.

Like my first visit, we had Champagne Chicken...
(I just don't get it why the watermelon balls had to be there. Perhaps, it should be our dessert and not to be eaten together with the chicken as part of the main course.)

... and Guinness Stout Pork Ribs.
I enjoyed having the gravy with rice!

The following dishes are those i never tried during my first visit:

House special Beancurd with Minced Meat.
It was not as dry as it looked and had exceeded my expectation. :)

Sweet and Sour Pork.
One of the food in the joker's list that he wanted to eat before going back to Australia. It was just alright and had nothing to shout about. Not the best sweet and sour pork i tried.

Kam Heong Lala.
The sauce was nice, especially with rice. It made us asking for more rice. However, there were many empty shells or the meat was very small. =/

Stir Fried Baby Kailan with Garlic to balance the meal.

Credit to Chin Looi for the pictures.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

~* Dinner with Kim *~

Kimberly, a friend of mine whom i met when i was doing my foundation course, had gone back to Kuching end of last month after the completion of her degree course in KL. So, Amanda, Gorgan, Pui Ling and i actually had a simple farewell dinner with her. We went to Cannes Tea House as per Amanda's suggestion.

Before entering Cannes Tea House, we had to take our shoes off. Then, we were given the option to sit on the wooden floor to dine. But i think the table was a little bit too high when we really went for that option.

Amanda had Cheese Baked Spaghetti. I know that it looks very simple but look can be deceiving. This spaghetti had a very strong cheesy taste but being balanced up by the tomato pesto. I'm wondering what kind of cheese was used to prepare this spaghetti. I kinda like this.

Some Portugal Baked (or Baked Portugal) Chicken Rice. Kimberly had this. Okay, both the taste and the presentation had failed to impress me. The taste was so bland! It did not give the "umph!" i wanted. I would prefer it to be spicier and more aromatic. I don't even need to elaborate on the presentation as you can just look at the picture below.

I had Creamy Butter Squid Rice.

Pui Ling had Creamy Butter Shrimp Rice.

Gorgan had Creamy Butter Fish Rice.

Yea, three of us were very into the creamy butter dish the moment we saw it in the menu. I would prefer my rice to be drenched in the creamy butter gravy. I did not have enough gravy :( The fish and shrimps were not really nice because they tasted one kind, like they had been kept for quite sometime. Somehow, the creamy butter shrimp rice was the best compared to the other two.

Fried Yam Abacus.
Something new! Crispy on the outside. Soft on the inside. That's all. There's nothing else about this dish but at least it was new to me. Worth trying.

The usual way to prepare Hakka Yam Abacus.
It was very soft but i could hardly taste the yam. Pui Ling said too much flour was used in preparing the yam abacus. But i had no further complaint since it was generously served with other ingredients.

Most of the items in the menu are below RM10.00 and the most expensive set meal is just at RM12.90 inclusive of a glass of green tea/black tea and a scoop of ice-cream. I will go back again especially if i am craving for the Hakka Yam Abacus.

Cannes Tea House
No.16-1, Jalan 2/50C
Off Jalan Genting Klang
Kuala Lumpur