Monday, September 20, 2010

*~ My Favourite Place For Udon ~*

I really love going to Sanuki Udon. Clueless of what to eat for dinner, i decided to go there again with bf. It was my second time there. Read about our first visit here.

Bf ordered the hot Dry Cha Cheong udon.

And i had House Special. I love this udon so much especially when i had it with their chili flakes. The chili flakes were not spicy but very aromatic. To me, it looked like chili flakes but i could be wrong. I don't know. It was just not as spicy as other chili flakes. During my third visit with my former collegemates, i ordered the same type of udon. It was very simple with an egg, a little bit of the Japanese soy sauce and perhaps, some other ingredients which i could not tell when eating it.

My favourite Kakiage (Deep fried onion with carrot shred)!

Initially we wanted to try a side dish called Chinmi Moriawase but they are no longer serving it. Bf and i even had Yakitori instead. From left to right: Chicken skin, thigh and gizzard.

I don't mind keep going there over and over again for the udon and of course, the KAKIAGE!

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taufulou said...

that nice ah..i still havent go try yet..