Sunday, September 12, 2010

*~ 7 Sins of Chocolate ~*

... from Delectable by Su.
I heard too much about this little treat. I wished it could be my birthday cake though it was small, equivalent to a slice of cake. And lovely bf made my wish came true.

I like the packaging. Cute.

With 7 different components of chocolates.

But i don't really know what are the 7 components. I can't really find info on this little treat except for the following:

"...starts with a layer of smooth chocolate ganache, a layer of chocolate cake, topped up with light and airy milk chocolate mousse, a dusting of cocoa powder, a sprinkle of crunchy pure cocoa nibs for texture, and couverture pearls resting comfortably over the top!"

I think the chocolate ganache is now the middle layer rather than the chocolate cake.

Further description by Delectable :

"And for all those ladies who are watching their diets, yes it is made entirely of chocolate, but mostly dark chocolate. So if calories are your enemy, then fear not for dark chocolate has significantly less calories than other chocolates AND is a must for a happy healthy heart!"

Looking at it, i could only observe 6 components and i don't know where was the other component. Perhaps, it had been mixed with another component. It was below my expectation. It was not as sinful as the name suggests. It did not give me the excitement. It was not sweet. So, for those who prefer eating something which is not sweet, this can be a suggestion but not a recommendation. Honestly, it was totally bland, especially the mousse.

Of course, i felt it was so sweet in my heart because it was from my dear. :)


Vivien said...

i love this as well, not too sweet and very chocolatey

taufulou said...

hehe..that cake was good..i bought it to celebrate my blog 1st aniversary..:D

Autumn said...

but not as sinful as the name indicates T.T