Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~* To The Left... To The Left... *~

Damn! I did not sleep well for the last two nights. The worst is the sharp pain between my neck and right shoulder which i got it when i woke up this morning. I feel tired physically when i can't really move my head especially to the right, making my muscles around my neck stiff. When i look to the right, i have to turn my upper body to the right. Instead of 180 degrees, i can only turn 90 degrees; to my left. When i'm not turning to the left or right, my head tends to tilt a little bit to the left to avoid the pain. I feel tired mentally too as i try my best to cope with the pain.

My friend said i look cute in that position. She insisted to give me a whack so that my head would go back to its position and subsequently recover. She just watched too much tee vee especially involving Chinese kung fu. Some of my colleagues asked me to look to my right out of sudden so that my head would make a "crack" sound that, according to them, could also solve my problem. Even mum suggested the same thing!

Apart from what i have just mentioned, i have other problems as well. I am a little bit upset recently with all the negative thoughts in mind. I am very afraid that nobody, particularly those who are close, will bother about me. You might say, "Get rid of all these thoughts!" I know but sometimes, saying is forever easier than doing. And i know that i might have been thinking too much. Perhaps, the situation is not as bad as it seems or it never even happens!

This week really starts off badly. How i wish it can end greatly.

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