Monday, September 6, 2010

*~ You Don't Get This Always ~*

As usual, i had to take the feeder bus to reach my workplace. Before last week, when i reached the bus stand at 7.30, there were already few buses waiting to fetch the passengers. But not for these two weeks. One bus came after another had left, making each bus was very packed with passengers.

No exception for this morning. At first, i had to stand in the bus. Then there was this guy who let me to have his seat. I felt very surprised. I appreciate what he did but my head was totally fulled with question marks. I did not look like a pregnant lady and i did not carry anything heavy but why he offered his seat to me?

He did not look like someone who is educated, He did not wear office attire. He was just a guy clad in old t-shirt and jeans who probably just earns enough to make a living. Don't get me wrong. I am not looking down at him. It is just that anyone who probably lives better than him won't offer his seat to a lady who looks completely fine with standing in the bus.

Guys like this are facing extinction.

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