Monday, September 28, 2009

*~ My 21st Birthday @ Frames (Part II) ~*

Now you know why this place is called Frames.

Love this to the max. As if a real flower were put on top of the frame.

Inside the restaurant itself is quite small. There were only two rows of tables, meanwhile most of the tables were actually outside. We occupied half of the tables available in the restaurant but at the end of the day, we had everything for ourselves like i was having my own private function there.

With boyfriend and Lim.

Jenny and Jennifer, sisters from the same high school as me. It is such a coincidence that Jenny also knows boyfriend's friends (Chin Looi and Nicole) since there are taking the same course in college. Even Jennifer also knows them. Too much following her sister to hang out with the friends.

My bestie, Sook Leng and my long-lost friend, Pui Mun.

Oh well, i was supposed to blow out the candles but right before that, i received a call. And yea, everyone was waiting for me.

With dearest boyfriend.


Someone was trying to seek revenge on what i did to him last year.

In the end, he still got back from me.

Both of us again.

Some group pictures.

High school mates.
Top L-R: Jenny, Sook Leng, Pui Mun

Bottom L-R: Me and Jennifer

Coursemates in Foundation
Top L-R: Gorgan, John (The sesat UCSI student, Pui Ling's boy boy)
Bottom L-R: Kimberly, me and Pui Ling.

Coursemates in degree
Top L-R: Andew, Wei-I, Seak Ling
Bottom L-R: Sharon, Mun Yee and me.
Oh well, everyone except for Wei-I was once from my foundation course too.

Boyfriend's friends who are also now become my own friends.
Top L-R: Boyfriend, Lim, Khoo, Han Loong
Bottom L-R: Amanda , me, Chin Looi, Nicole.

Very sisterhood picture.

21 of us on my 21st birthday.
I did not plan for this. It was just a coincidence.

The candid one.

Yours truly,

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