Thursday, September 10, 2009

~* M-Tan Is Leaving *~

Michelle Tan is leaving to UK on Monday! Initial plan was to meet up with her tomorrow, assuming that i would be celebrating my birthday. Yea, it supposed to be a surprise. But, we had a strong feeling that she would not turn up tomorrow due to her busy schedule. Hence, we called her out for breakfast today hoping that there would be no chance for her to say no. She did turn up today! The breakfast session was at McDonald's.

My Happy Meal.
Besides the toy, i got a small bottle of yoghurt drink for free!
The yoghurt drink tasted very awful! Eew!

Ooo... I love the muffin so much!

My free toy.
I played with it the whole day in college to release stress.

For the rest who had the McValue Breakfast Set, they got a bottle of this for free!
Is McDonald's loaded with freebies nowadays?

Only the four of us.
Seak Ling, me, Michelle Tan, Sharon.

Michelle Tan with the gift we got for her.
A thermos flask to keep herself warm there.
We got the right gift for her as she almost wanted to buy that.

After having breakfast with her, it was time for the torture: Classes.

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