Saturday, September 26, 2009

~* My 21st Birthday @ Frames (Part I) *~

As promised previously that i would post the pictures from my 21st birthday celebration at Frames, TTDI. This post will only focus on the food.

Gratin which was made specially for me.

Calamari rings.

Mushroom soup.
I like the garlic toasts that served together with the soup. Thin, crunchy and strong garlic smell.

Ceasar salad.

Oopss... i have forgotten the name for this salad.

My favourite balsamic salad!
Surprisingly, mushrooms and chicken meat were more than the leaves. As if the leaves were there for decoration purpose. Heart this.

Some fish and the vege just did not go well with the fish at all.
As if the fish and the vege were two different dishes.

The classic fish and chips.


Okay, let's move on to the pasta section.

Classic Cabonara.


Spicy Cabonara.
It was something like Diablo except that this used cream as the base meanwhile Diablo was an olive-oil-based pasta. Personally, i prefer this over Diablo.

Wei-I gave a thumb up for this.

Pesto pasta.

My complementary Tiramisu.
Soooooooooo soft...

*Credit to Gorgan for the pictures*

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