Sunday, October 18, 2009

~* Woohoo, I Got My Jeans! *~

Urgh... after stressing so much, i finally got to rest at least for a day.

It was Deepavali. After having a delicious thosai and curry meal, boyfriend and i went for shopping! Hermes was giving out free orange flavoured gelato. Yum yum~ There were a few ladies teaching the ways to tie the scarf in different styles and a photographer who was always ready to snap pictures of you.

I wanted to play for fun. Until the photographer finished snapping some pictures of me, i was told that i would be called once the pictures are ready. Wow, i did not know i would get some free pictures. And now, i am waiting for the pictures anxiously.

This is snapped using my camera phone.

My Nikon digital camera is no longer with me. Sob sob...

One of our planned spot was Lois at Times Square. Yea, baby! To use up our free vouchers! Boyfriend was lucky. He managed to get a pair of jeans that he really likes. Meanwhile, i was left with very few choices and i forced myself to get the best i could find. Actually, i was looking up and down for dark colour jeans but i could not!

At the end of the day, boyfriend got a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Meanwhile, i also got a pair of jeans besides a skirt. Anyway, the colour of both of my jeans and skirt reflects the very vintage look. Each of us just had to add RM20 for what we bought!

I managed to walk back to the Levi's in Pavilion. There was a great sales going on but not the one in Times Square. I spotted the dark colour jeans which i desired so much before this. It fits sooooo nicely. The best part: 40% discount for the jeans i eyed on. Before: RM 259.00. After: RM155.00. So worth it!

From left: Lois skirt, Lois jeans, my favourite Levi's jeans.

Time passed really fast. I thought that we would be heading to Jenny's house earlier if we had nothing better to do after buying what we wanted. Instead, we were actually running out of time! Phew~

And yes, the upcoming post will be on Jenny's birthday!

Alright. The urge to shop is gone. Back to assignments and studies.


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