Thursday, October 15, 2009

*~ Typical College Life ~*

Oh my God... I am like a living zombie. I am so exhausted. Dealing with assignments alone is enough! So many datelines are around the corner. I start everything in advance to avoid last minute work but it seems like the clock ticks so fast and 24 hours per day is never enough.

The timetable for final exam is out. The good news is i will be finishing my four papers within the first exam week even though the allocated period is three weeks. Additional two weeks holiday for me! The bad news is i am going to study like a mad cow since four papers to be completed in four days. The worst thing is two of them are on the very same day with one in the morning and another one in the afternoon! Pathetic.

After i have done with my assignments, final exam takes place very soon leaving me not enough time to study. Shucks. I am still thinking of a survival plan. It seems like a strict time management is the only choice. I hope that i will have enough time to sleep as well. Don't you know women need more sleep? Otherwise they will get easily irritated like me. I read this from the October issue of Seventeen magazine.

Anyway, mum cooked bak kut teh today. So delicious with chopped garlic in soy sauce.... So much better than eating outside. It was less oily and yet full with taste. The best part was i purposely texted boyfriend about the bak kut teh to make him jealous. Oh well, he did not want to come so he missed it just like that.

Another best part of the day: I found 5 bucks from a library book - International Economics. Seak Ling took the book from the shelf and i was the one who flipped through the it first. Thus, we shared the 5 bucks.

I did not have Subway today. Perhaps, i will eat it on next Thursday.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Ipod Touch has better deal now! The price goes down. No more 16 GB. The one with 32 GB is only RM1,119 meanwhile the one with 64 GB is RM1,599! Camera or Ipod Touch? Perhaps, both?!

Headache strikes and i hope my phone to ring but it's not happening. Sigh.

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cpy/pst said...

iPod cheap nowadays coz nano oready got camera n ive heard Apple going to release some new gadgets in the near time...:D

but it is still a great deal~