Monday, July 14, 2008

~* Japanese Affair *~

I met up with Pui Yen on Saturday and together, we watched Wanted (Yesshh~Finally!) but the movie was not that nice. Not exciting enough.

Upon her request, we went to Ichiban Boshi for lunch. One of my favourite sushi there. Topped with a small slice of cheese~

My favourite! Soba~ Since this soba is green in colour, to be exact, this is green tea soba.

All the lala wannabes are migrating to Pavilion.

We saw a lot of people surrounding the models and we went there to take a look.
It was Philosophy Men having its fashion show-off. =_="
Pui Yen and i got to snap photos with the posers.
(I did not bother about them but i just wanted to take a nice picture with my dear friend.)
Hey! I look pretty in the picture, by the way.


Sin said...

Looks delicous,must try it out next time..Like your post and photograph taken,as i am a eater..

Autumn Babe said...

hey sin,
thank you thank you. i also like your posts as ur post really touch on issues or ideas that ppl rarely touch. :)

Anonymous said...

dun perasan laa!!!

char siew~