Saturday, July 5, 2008

*~ Not-So-Merry-Go-Round ~*

The following is the conversation i had with Awesome (He asked me to put his name this way =_=") who was once very close to me:

After knowing that i had started the relationship with my ex, how did u feel?

What? Before i answer that, why do you want to know? Will it satisfy your needs?

Because i'm having problem here which is holding me back from getting over him completely. It's due to my kiasu-ness and the fact that i'm being dumped.

What am i got to do with this? Haha~ this is weird.

Just asking laaa...

If you really want to know, it was pissing me off. How did i feel? I felt shitty. So shitty. I lost myself. I was so pissed because everyone that knows you and me came up to me and told me about it. I knew it last. Ooh... and so blardy disappointed because it was quite fast right after our incident. Lol... Then, i revamped my mind so i did not waste my time thinking of you because it was not worth it.

See it? Until i had to ask someone for his experience. From the guy i once hurt! Pai seh~ It's God's intention. God says, "You had once dumped a guy first. Now, it's your turn being dumped. You might also need to accept your ex's new girlfriend in future. Now, go and prepare yourself for that. Take all these as a pinch of salt to your life." Thus, i ended up asking Awesome since last time, he had to accept the fact that i had started another relationship soon after our issue.

Yeah~ Hopefully, i can really get over this and take everything as a pinch of salt.

By the way, if i had really involved in a relationship with Awesome, i could tell he was going to pamper me like nobody's business based on his characteristics. Muahahahh~ But, we are remained as good friends until now.


OnStar said...

if awesome was going to treat you so wonderful, then why didnt it work out. Are you still in love with your ex, or is awesome the still in love with his ex, which is you!

Tse Ngar said...

but good for you, you are able to open up and consider how he are doing great. gambate girl...!

Autumn Babe said...

[on star] err... there were some issues to consider back then. but now, we are not in love with each other anymore. :)and i am not in love with my ex too.

[tse ngar] eh weii... next time when you drop by, give your link to your blog, if you have, or give me yuor email address la...