Saturday, February 27, 2010

*~ Porky Friday @ Yut Kee ~*

After reading so many reviews on Restoran Yut Kee at Jalan Dang Wangi, which is one of the oldest kopitiam in town, i managed to try the roast pork there with boyfriend on a public holiday. Phew~ Luckily it was open on that day and there were not so many people.

They actually roll the pork with some i-don't-know-what before roasting. Then, the roast pork will be cut into pieces before serving. It has to be eaten with their homemade apple sauce. One roll of the roast pork costs around RM130; meanwhile, you have to pay RM12 for two slices. Expensive, huh? At least, i tried before.

I felt unpleasant when the roast pork was served to me in an unexpected manner. It should not look like the picture below!

I expected it to be like this since this is what i saw from other reviews! Ishh~ Yes, feeling unsatisfied, i actually went over to the table used to slice the pork to snap some pictures of the roast pork.

Anyway, the pork itself was nice and its texture differed from the usual roast pork we have but i don't think that the apple sauce blended well with the it. Instead, the pork was better with chili sauce.

We also ordered its quite well-known roti babi. I know it sounds impolite but this is really what they call the bread. Filled with pork, crab meat, onion, Chinese sausage, etc, i just found it very oily since the bread was being fried.

We had the Hainanese pork chop as well. Although it could not give me the "umph" i wanted, the gravy was not as diluted as i expected like being commented by other bloggers.

Everything was just average. Nothing to shout. They don't make me crave for them anymore. So, if i happen to be there next time, i will try other items in the menu. No more ordering the same things.

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