Sunday, January 24, 2010

~* An Evening @ Bukit Bintang *~

Boyfriend and i went to Bukit Bintang on Saturday evening to check out a few things. Since we only had our brunch and Sushi King yee sang is now available, we decided to have our tea time at Sushi King.

Yeap, we went in just for the yee sang. We did not know that green tea at Sushi King is now complimentary. It had been a very looooong time before i stepped into Sushi King again yesterday. I felt so outdated. And the green tea was so diluted. As usual, don't expect so much when something is complimentary.

Woohoo! First yee sang of the year. I am not really a fan of yee sang except for the one at Sushi King. Even boyfriend said this is better than the usual yee sang.

Then, for dinner, we went to Super Noodle House.

Pork Chili Sauce Noodle.
Nice but towards the end, it was very oil due to the pork. And look at the veggie! Geez... the part i hate the most and thank God, boyfriend was the one having this.

Roast Sausage Rice.
The place i went last time to have this used char siew sauce. Double sweetness (and jelak-ness). Here, they use (the salty and not the sweet one) duck sauce instead.

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