Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~* Pork Burger @ Christang *~


Last Saturday, boyfriend and i fetched mum together for dinner at Christang which is so-called very famous for its pork burger. Boyfriend had been wanting to eat it so badly since after i showed him a few blog reviews. The surrounding was very quiet that you may just want to park your car as near as you can to the restaurant.

Green Heaven mocktail.
Combination of apple and lychee juice. I thought what so nice about this drink. It was actually very common but overrated and expensive!

Mum's Portugese Noodle.
It is a recommendation in the menu but yet, it was another disappointment. Tasteless and i did not like the noodle with strong alkaline smell!

My P3 Burger.
"Grilled pork patty with back bacon and minced pork chili con carne"
They were very generous with the minced pork. The pork patty tasted like Ramly Burger when i took a bite of it without mixing with the minced pork, but the patty was definitely juicier and more tender!

Christang has extended its menu. Last time, there were only P1 to P6. Now, it is up to P9.

Boyfriend's P7 Burger.
"The most popular of all the pork burgers"
Just that the minced pork was also minced with some chili and lots of petai!
If you feel like eating petai in a Western way, you may opt for this.

On that evening, I liked the wedges the most than the rest.
Simple but i liked them!

The pork burgers page.

To us, food and beverages there are quite pricy. May be it is because you can't really find all these at other places. That's why Christang has the advantage to price it a little bit higher. Boyfriend and i agree that we won't go back to Christang so soon.


Bruce828 said...

Wow~ Pork burger~ 1st time heard of this^^ I'm a fan of pork~lol :D

jfook said... tempting!! making me hungry..

Autumn said...

[bruce] actually there are quite a lot of medium to high end restaurants serving pork but they don't over advertise. christang is one of them. but then, if you want pork burger from a fast food store which is much cheaper, go to ninja joe @ tropicana mall.

[jfook] hahaha.... get the burgers!