Saturday, December 26, 2009

*~ Babysitting on X'mas Day ~*

Just a short post on what i did for Christmas.

Mum, bro and i went to Mid Valley with the three kids mum used to take care of. We did shopping!

Arcade will be a must if Eugene sees it!

Vin Shen helped accelerating and Eugene drove. In the end, they won the first place!

Super duper early dinner at Dragon-i.

Vin Shen and Yuin Nee. Like my mum said, Yuin Nee is photogenic though chubby.

The cheeky boy who never fails to make us laugh.

Siu Long Bao.
Vin Shen and Yuin Nee loved this and happily told their mum when they reached home.

La Mian in Hot & Sour Soup.
This soup reminded me of the sharkfin soup except that it was spicy. I wished they could have given me more soup.

Fried La Mian with Seafood.
It was so simple but the taste was superb with fresh sliced fish, shrimps and squids!

Afterall, this year's Christmas was not that bad. Got surprises. Although not the big ones, they still managed to put a smile on my face :)

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