Wednesday, December 9, 2009

~* Grace Is Back With Bickies! *~

Okay. Grace is back from Australia. Sharon, Wei-I, boyfriend and i met up with her for dinner at Tropicana Mall.

Santarina with products of Australia.

We had our dinner at Taiwan Street. Nothing to be excited about.

Wei-I's beef noodle.

Sharon's Spicy Chicken Chop Rice.

My Salted Chicken Rice which was a disappointment.
I seriously dislike chicken with one kind of taste that once you eat, you would know the meat had been frozen for quite some time. That was what happened to my Salted Chicken Rice. The same thing happened when i tried Sharon's chicken chop.

Grace's Braised Duck Noodle.

Boyfriend's Braised Duck Rice.
At least the duck meat was quite alright; better than mine.

Next stop: Bad Ass Coffee that Wei-I strongly recommended.

Girls only.

Group picture!

More pictures here.

Boyfriend and i were at Tropicana Mall from 12 noon to 10 at night. How much he paid for the parking? Only 2 bucks! So worth it. Hehe...

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(( Ms. K )) said...

Wow so there is more flavors of tim tam i have yet to try..