Friday, December 18, 2009

*~ Eat Eat Drink ~*

Met up with boyfriend on Wednesday to use up the vouchers that would be expiring end of this month. By the time he comes back from Dubai, we won't have the time. Thus, we had no choice but to utilise the vouchers before he left.

#1 Ah Paw Chicken Rice (at Low Yat Plaza) RM30 voucher.
Besides all these, i also took away another pack of rice just to make it up to RM30. Boyfriend really liked the honey chicken but to me, it was like char siew that used chicken rather than pork.

Then, we spotted this located not faraway from the food court at Low Yat Plaza. Churro the Spanish fritter (or donut)!!! The size of this churro filled with vanilla cream was bigger than the display! My next target is churros dipped in hot chocolate sauce. Yum yum...

#2 Gloria Jean's Coffee Buy-One-Free-One voucher.

Oh... All these were so fattening when being consumed in few hours time...!

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