Friday, December 18, 2009

~* Year End Dinner @ Rebung *~

I attended the firm's year end dinner last evening at Rebung.

Looking for traditional Malay dishes? This will be the right place. But I am not very good when it comes to naming these Malay dishes. Let the pictures do the talking (that also if you can see clearly).

Yes, Rebung even has nasi lemak packed like those you can find at anywhere.
Also served were ulam, petai ikan bilis, kerabu, bergedil, cucur.

The popiah was real good! I even added extra sauce and nuts on top of my popiah!

DIY rojak and soup noodle.

Garlic toast with mushroom soup.

The soup was thick! Luckily i just took a bit of it to try.

Different types of gravy!
Lala, balitong, pineapple, egg, chicken, fish, vegetable, etc....

DIY shaved ice.

Rebung also has grilled food such as chicken, fish, lamb chop. Surprisingly you can find banana fritter being served hot too! Excluding the desserts and drinks, almost all the food there are spicy. Real spicy! When the food first entered my mouth, i thought that i could tolerate with the spiciness. I was so wrong. Few more chews (or bites) later, i started to feel the burning sensation in my mouth!

My favourite dessert! Some durian dessert to be eaten with glutinous rice! I personally think this is even better than mango sticky rice. If i had not been eating so much yesterday, i would have 2 rounds of this! Where can i find this dessert in KL besides Rebung? I should have looked into the menu if Rebung serves this as an ala-carte item than just being part of the buffet. I will definitely drop by again just for this dessert if it is also served as an ala-carte item.

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fui yo!! durian dessert? nice nice... hahaha...