Sunday, February 8, 2009

~* SASA '06 Reunion Day *~

Urghh~ I was having difficulty in waking up this morning after sleeping at 3 o' clock. But i was not late to meet up with people whom i did not see for a very long time. Four of them and i will introduce to you later on. So, we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters.

My Quarter Chicken Meal.

Tada! Peter Pan and Teoh. Both of them used to work with the Customer Marketing Department in my college and i was once under for internship when i first entered the college.

This is Vivian, my beloved sister when we did internship together last time.

And i would never leave Ee Ling out of the scene, of course. I should thank her for suggesting Kenny Rogers Roasters because i seriously did not have it for a very long time and i did miss it.

Yes, Vivian, Ee Ling and i were once under these two guys (and another macho guy who did not turn up today) during our one year internship with the HELP University College Customer Marketing Department *Phew*. Of course, it was not only three of us doing the internship when there were actually many of them. However, six of us got even closer when we were trying to conquer the whole Peninsular Malaysia almost two years ago. Just kidding. We went to several states and organised scholarship interview sessions.

Yea. Our so called reunion day had only five of us.

Well, after the lunch, Ee Ling and i shopped around in Mid Valley before we finally settled down at Chinoz in The Gardens for a drink later on. I was so excited when i told her so many things that happened to me before this. She also told me how her life was going on previously in Australia before she came back here for a break.

She also gave us this flavoured straw that is used to drink milk. As you are drinking the white milk using the straw, it will give you the flavour. Yummy~ I remember Gavin once gave me this before but the packaging was very different. From a colourful packaging has now become 2-colour packaging. Cost saving, may be. I even asked her to send a box of these to me when she is back to Australia.


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