Monday, February 23, 2009

~* College Starts! *~

Yes, my first day of college. First class at eight in the morning which ended 45 minutes later leaving Sharon, Seak Ling and i with 5 hours and 15 minutes of break since tutorial classes have not started yet. 5 hours and 15 minutes seemed to me a very long break but we managed to fully utilised the free time without feeling bored. By the way, i think the first class will be quite interesting in the future with the lecturer's behaviour.

At first, there were only me and Sharon before a bunch of students from Maldives entered the class together with the lecturer. Only me and Sharon who are the local students! Instead of them, i felt myself as a foreigner even more! I asked Sharon if i were in the wrong class. The lecturer heard me and he added, "Yeah~ Are you both in the right class? Ethics, right?" We nodded. For your information, the full name for the subject is Business Ethics and Social Responsibility. Wah lao... We have to study that as a subject as we don't have ethics. Sigh. Well, thanked God that later on few more local students joined the class.

After the first class, we went to the library to look for the textbook which is going to be used for one of the subjects. Yay, we got it! Then, i did go to the bank to deposit my cheque for the two-week work done during semester break. Together with Wei-I and Puva, we went somewhere around the main campus for lunch and spent quite sometime there before we decided to hang out for awhile at the main campus itself. When the clock struck 1.30, it was time for us to prepare for the next class and we had to take the bus back to the other campus. 5 hours and 15 minutes were just gone like that.

Alright. Second class for the day. Financial Reporting. It made me so sleepy. I wished that he could just talk a bit faster and stop using monotone. He is too good to put people asleep. Again, thanked God that the class ended almost 1.5 hours later when it was supposed to be a 3-hour lecture.

Looking at the time we had, we went to the Department to see the assistant manager because we needed to seek approval. We have this subject that is only can be taken after we have taken another subject but we have not taken the pre-requisite subject yet. Thus, this semester, we plan to do both subjects concurrently. When everything was done there, we headed back to the main campus to register all the subjects.

While registering, I gave a stare at my own student identification card and realised that it was going to expire in March. Then, i gave a stare at myself and i thought i looked good today. Immediately, i had this thought of renewing of the card with a new picture on it. All of us needed to renew and it was not only me. Yes, we headed to the registry for that and i am extremely satisfy with the new picture of my student identification card if i compared with the old one, of course.

Whee~ I settled so many matters that i was required to. I have the sense of achievement! Muahahaha.

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