Friday, February 20, 2009

~* Luvvvvv..... *~

Quoted this from Metro section, page M20, The Star newspaper dated 20th February 2009 by Wan Hua Chapouthier:

"Valentine's Day may have passed, and with the day having come hot on heels of Chap Goh Meh, were we in the mood for love?"

"For myself, i would say: "Yes, of course; and why not? So long as my heart beats, I will accept love because love comes into one's life in many forms and any time."

"They say that "rather be loved than never be loved at all," and "rather to have loved someone than never to have loved anyone". That also implied that winners take all and losers are left standing tall. And, may i add, losers try again and winners may, one day, fall."

Thus, does it matter when one has started a relationship with someone you like or love before you? Must you hate that one person to the extreme? No and no. One day, that one person will fall and who know, you may meet someone else who is better and you truly love.

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