Monday, February 2, 2009

~* I'm Addicted To You *~

One week of Chinese New Year holidays is gone and i am going to sit for my final exam tomorrow. This is not the end yet. After the final exam, i have only two weeks break and i am fully utilising it by working to earn some pocket money. Yes, i am going to save even more for the year so that i can fulfill my own needs and wants.

Well, my own relatives from my dad's side are not able to give ang pow this year due to the reason that my grandma had passed away in December and we are not allowed to celebrate Chinese New Year within a year time. However, this does not cause my total ang pow money to shrink. Even recession is not the cause! I am glad.

One week of break was not as simple as a study break nor a Chinese New Year break. It also meant that me and Mr. [R] would have more time to spend with each other. Still, it was not enough! We had been meeting each other few times last week. I do not know about him, but as far as i know for myself, i always hope that i can have more time with him, even few more seconds. Errr... i know. I am such a big fat liar.

If i were given few more seconds, i would want few more minutes. From there, i would even demand for few more hours, few more days, so on and so forth. When both of us are having our semester going on, we can only see each other once a week. Every single time, when we were to bid goodbye, my heart would turn sour and tell myself that the next time meeting each other was the following week. A week is like a month or a year to me.

Whenever he was giving me a lift home, he would realise that i was staring at him while he was driving. For a good reason: Gosh, let me stare at you more before i get down from your car, before i start to miss you madly, and before i can only meet you next week. I hope that i can stop the time but i can't. I hope to be in his arms as long as i can, but i can't as well. I must let him go.

He really pampers me a lot untill sometimes i think that i have been spoilt by him. I mentioned about this before to him but he still continues with his pampering - something that he does best. Wherever i want to go, whatever i want to eat, he would choose a date and plan for it. Even when the food is unhealthy, he would say, "Hey, you can't have this always. Once in a while, okay?" To act being obedient, i have to agree with it. =_="

He had no idea before this that the Sushi King yee sang is totally different from the traditional one and he hates the taste of yee sang. I told him that i really wanted to eat it so badly and he just agreed even though he does not like yee sang. Where to find someone who will eat something that he or she dislikes with you?! In the end, it happened that the Sushi King yee sang was favourable to him. :) By the way, i don't like yee sang as well except for the one from Sushi King.

Besides family, i never felt myself being so protected by someone before. Feeling secured. Feeling being loved. Nothing to be worried about whenever i am having him by myside.

Whatelse is there for me to ask for?

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