Thursday, April 3, 2008

~* A Good Offer That I Had Rejected *~

I went to Adecco with Seak Ling to register myself with the recruitment agency. I can't depend on Kelly Services alone to get me temporary positions. Sometimes, people from Kelly Services are too busy to entertain the candidates as they are too busy with their clients. After i have finished my first year in two weeks time, the next three months are very important and busy for me. I need to get a temporary position, hopefully for the exact three months, so that i can fully use the period to work and earn as much as i can.

After Adecco, we headed to Kelly Services to talk to the consultant who was introduced by my previous agent who used to work there. It is important to keep in touch (nag is the other word) with the consultants because they tend to forget you if you don't keep on asking them on the status of the temporary position. Besides meeting my new consultant, Seak Ling also registered herself there as a new candidate.

At Kelly Services, i was instantly offered with a position as a data entry assistant for RM 9.80 per hour. That rate is really a good offer for data entry. It is a Singapore-based company and also a company of Toyota. It is located at Jalan Raja Chulan which is just opposite Menara Boustead. If i am going to accept the job assignment, i am reporting to a Japanese guy. However, i had rejected this offer because it required me to start tomorrow, which i can't! I am only available from 21st of April onwards.... Sigh~ What a good offer that i was forced to turn down.

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