Monday, March 31, 2008

*~ Baskin Robbins ~*

Hey, it is 31st of March and Baskin-Robbins has 31% discount on handpacked ice-cream!
Yesh! We went to Bangsar today for ice-cream.

From left: Jared (he looked silly in the picture), Ai Wei a.k.a. The Monkey, Seak Ling and Matthew
Ok la, ok la... Since he looked silly in the previous picture, i took another picture of him.
You poser!!!

From left again: Wei-I, Michelle Tan, Gavin a.k.a. Kronk, and Priscilla

The same direction: Me, Sharon, Wei-I (again), Michelle Tan (again)

While waiting for the ice-cream to be packed, Jared showed his talent with the rubik cube. -.-"

After one hour of waiting, finally we were enjoying our ice-cream. :)
The chosen flavours included:
1. Cookies and cream (Permanent flavour)
2. Strawberry cheesecake (Rotators flavour)
3. Jamoca almond fudge (Permanent flavour)
4. Macadamia nut 'n cream (Rotators flavour)

I just checked out the Baskin Robbins website and i am looking forward for flavours like:
1. Peanut butter 'n chocolate (Permanent flavour)
2. Mango tango (Rotators flavour)
3. Banana 'n strawberry (Rotators flavour)
4. Twinberry cheesecake (Rotators flavour)
5. Hockey Pokey (Rotators flavour)
6. LOVE POTION #31 (Rotators flavour)


To check out more flavours and the descriptions, you can visit Baskin Robbins website. :D

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