Thursday, March 20, 2008

*~ Fate With ~*

Date: 18th March 2008
Venue: Cineleisure, Damansara

Three days before this event, i came to know about
Two days before this event, i registered myself as a member.
Two days before this event also, i got to know that i had the chance to attend it.
So coincidence that GIDEON met someone at Sandra's birthday party who invited people to go for this event, and GIDEON had included me.
This event was dinner at Tony Roma's (it was's first anniversary!) and special screening of Ah Long Pte. Ltd.
Me with the sticker at Tony Roma's.

The food i focused on: Salad, grilled dory fish (if i am not mistaken), ribs, chicken.Yummy~

Me and GIDEON. He looked so fierce... =/

With Eugene, Jason and Xian Jin at the back.
Daniel Tan! The model-turned-actor who acted in Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

Celebrities with Josh Lim, the CEO of

After the dinner, we headed to Cathay Cineplexes for the special screening of Ah Long Pte. Ltd.
The movie was nice and funny and I laughed all the way until my face felt the cramp.
After the movie, Josh asked us to check out underneath our seats for something.
I found this! A tag! And Josh said, yes, that we were supposed to find a tag.

Behind the tag... i saw that i got for myself RM 100! Just few days back, i wished that i could have fast cash and i did! Although the amount is not that much, i am still feeling so grateful for it. I did nothing except for eating and watching movie, and i got for myself RM 100! Oh ya, by the way, this is the spoon that David Lai bent after the screening. I am still keeping it. Imagine David Lai is holding this spoon and saying, "Don't mess with me, or i will do this *showing this spoon* to your neck or limbs".

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Kenny Choo said...

Woo! Lucky lucky you...belanja makan