Sunday, March 9, 2008

~* The Bitch's Birthday *~

Date: 8th March 2008
Venue: Saisaki Japanese Buffet

We celebrated Chern Wai's birthday few days earlier...!

Us with the food.

Presenting to you: The Birthday Boy (Chern Wai) a.k.a. The Bitch

We used the shells to hide unwanted sushi. Everything else was alright but just not the sushi.

We started the camwhoring session when we decided to stop eating for awhile.

Finally, a photo of me and GIDEON.

The first picture taken using Macbook webcam.

Then, we started to take other pictures with different effects.

We were exploring....

Owh... he is cute with that look. Like a child.

The colour pencil effect.

I don't know what effect is used here.


*Total shocked*


One of the presents me and GIDEON gave him. The one in the picture definitely suits him. The set of cards is freaking big, and we did try to play with it.
Well, below is the list on what we did and it summarises the day.
  • Had lunch at Saisaki Japanese Buffet.
  • Played "Chor Dee" and i won!
  • When GIDEON was bathing, me and that bitch were fighting to be the next one to bathe. We were really waiting outside the bathroom!
  • Had pasta for dinner at GIDEON's house.
  • Watched Scary Movie 1 as requested by that bitch.
  • Went for McDonald's Drive Thru for supper.
  • Continued with "chor dee" and instead of having whisky shots, we had wine shots for the losers of each game. I won again!
  • Owh... i love it so much when GIDEON volunteered to drink on behalf of me. So sweet~
  • Talked about election and kept on checking on the results.
  • Finally, we watched The Hitman halfway and just dozed off at three something in the morning.

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