Thursday, April 10, 2008

~* A Failed Study Plan *~

After Gideon attended the interview with AC Nielsen at PJ, he came down to Pavilion, Bukit Bintang and initially it was a study plan. We did not know what we should have for lunch and finally, we had chosen Tony Roma's. I know that it is a bit pricy but never mind. A better meal before we really suffer until the next Saturday due to exam.

Okay... Soup of The Day: Tortilla soup...

My Chicken Bowtie Pasta. It could feel my lips were greasy due to the olive oil in the pasta. But it was healthy with cubes of tomato and the olive oil. Then there were also slices of chicken and cheese sprinkled on top of it.

Gideon's Marinated Chicken Grill. Well, the portion for the chicken is quite small, but not the fries! Oh ya, the set lunches come with a drink as well and it has free refill. Don't even need to refill because the glass is like a Big Gulp you can find at 7-11. And, it was the first time i felt that the 10% of service charge was worth paying. People there really served with manner. After the meal, they would give Mentos Mint and toothpicks. They even helped the customers to unwrapped the hot tissue and handed it to them (including us).

Supposed that the study plan was at Coffee Bean but it failed in the end because Gideon was too tired. He slept late yesterday due to studies and woke up very early due to the interview at AC Nielsen. However, he managed to grab a drink before decided not to study.

On our way back, we could still drop by at Machines at Lot 10 and played with the Apple Ipod Touch. Haha... Gideon visited his blog there.


TINTIN said...


Gideon said...

hehe..tonight must study ler...
burn midnight oil
did dear have fun today?
i did..

Autumn Babe said...

tin tin: hello. thx for droppin by

gideon: yea, i did have fun with you too. ^^