Tuesday, November 17, 2009

*~ My New Love ~*

Oh my God. I know you hate me but please don't hate me even more if i have the same camera as you.

Anyway, after dumping my ex, i have just found my new love.

Panasonic Lumix LX3. My end-of-the-year bonus.

Opportunity cost of this: Ipod Touch or Lenovo S10.

Actually, i wanted to buy a Canon Ixus camera. But boyfriend's dad recommended me to get this instead since the price difference is small. And i did play around with his dad's LX3 before. Clear, stable and easy to focus. Definitely better than the Nikon i used to have. Like Gorgan said, "It's half of a DSLR camera!"

I like to take close-up pictures especially when it comes to food. The micro mode of this camera is very awesome. Love it to the max.

The pau that my mum was so excited to tell me on Sunday morning when i woke up.


Sze said...

do u know this is the same camera as xiu li's? hahahaha

Autumn said...

bodoh.... didn't you read the first paragraph of this post?!

Anonymous said...

dun waste this dude's capability just by taking a... pau...? XD XD make good use of it!!!

G =P

Autumn said...

i am waiting to get my tutorial lessons with you!!!

anyway, pau was the cutest thing i had with me on that day to be taken with my new love. XD

Sze said...

ciu how the hell was i supposed to know you meant her there?!

(( Ms. K )) said...

Is this really better then nikon? I know someone that got it recently but I don't know how good this can be?

Autumn said...

Hi Ms. K,

Don't get me wrong. It is definitely better than the Nikon compact camera i used to have. But for dslr, Nikon can be great! :)

(( Ms. K )) said...

I was told about this brand but I never hear enough of it to really make the purchase. Instead I brought a ps nikon recently and wonder if I made the wrong choice...hehehe

Autumn said...

I never heard of it enough too but i know that lumix compact cameras are not bad. also, not to forget is the lx3, the semipro camera which i just bought.

haha... it is alright if u made a wrong choice because u can dispose the camera at anytime using those websites that help you to trade. perhaps, you just lose one or two hundred bucks depends on how long you have been using the camera.