Monday, November 3, 2008

~* Food + Camwhoring *~

Kimberly Wee Ming Ming, the godmum to my beloved children, celebrated her belated birthday at Sushi Zanmai, Mid Valley.

Amanda and Kim. Both were high on glucose and retarded .

My son, Char Siew with his godmum.

Siew Yuk with Asha and Sean.
Don't mess around with Sean. He is a body builder.

Trio in action.

Nice try...

I know. I know. We are fabulous.

Halfway enjoying our food and we still wanted to camwhore.

Food! Food! Food! *Saliva dripping*

Salmon Teriyaki.

Unagi Don.

Asha's California Temaki.

Asha's Mini California Maki.
She ordered the same thing but in different types. That's all.

Stamina Roll.

Hiyashi Chuka.

Soft Shell Crab Maki.
Can't escape from Gorgan when he visits Sushi Zanmai everytime.

Macha Macha~!!!

Oreo Cheese Cake from Pastis for Kimberly.

Hahaha~ Candid-nya...

After stuffing all the food in....

Quickly took this picture when Asha went to the washroom.
(Joking joking....)


Excuse me for my misbehaviour. :P

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