Thursday, September 11, 2008

~* Last Day Of 19 *~

Today is my last day spending my moment before i am twenty. Yes, it really sounds like having a big hoo-haa about it. Entering 20 is like entering a new era. Just like the world when it entered the new millennium. Oh well, but today's outing was not a planned one. So happened that Sam and i were free.

We had our lunch at Crystal Jade Meal, Pavilion as being introduced by Jessbabe.

Sam with her green tea, her soup and my jasmine tea.

A-Bit-Burned Puffy Mushroom Soup.
Still extremely delicious, though.

Grilled Dory Fillet.

Sam who did not feeling like eating Western food ended up having Korean maggie mee.

After hours of shopping, we landed at San Terri Cottage which is in Times Bookstore for teatime. You may assume that it will be extremely expensive for the food and beverages but actually not. I can assure that it is better than Starbucks. You won't be annoyed by the sound made by the ice blender like what happens in Starbucks. The cake, especially the cheesecake is cheaper, nicer and creamier than most of the coffee houses. Like the New York Cheesecake shown below, i ate it as if i was eating a block of cream cheese! Sinful!

A bit of camwhoring and....

...let's continue! Sam and i shared a pot of 1001 Night Tea; Blended with green and black teas, is caressed with the cut blossoms of roses, orange blossoms, and sun flowers, then bathed in the sweet liquor of red, ripe strawberries. It smelled sooooo good with the strawberry scent. And i like the tea set. Sooo small and cute.

Hahaha~ Do you know what she was reading? "101 Ways To Kill Your Boss". Future bosses of hers, don't say that i never warn you.

MUAHAHAHHA.... Nice book by the way. I read it too!


jessbabe said...

how was the food there?? good???

Autumn Babe said...

the puffy mushroom soup was awesome. the same thing went for my friend's soup and it is the second one under the soup category which i have forgotten its name. the portion for my grilled dory fish was just nice. the atmosphere there was not too bad with the lights on the wall keep on changing. the waiters were damn nice. may be due to that time there were less customers.

but seriously, i recommend you to go up to the san terri cottage in times bookstore for its cheesecake. :)

clifford said...

You are invited to the grand opening of the new outlet of San
Terri @ Bangsar Village II on Dec 20th,2008, 1st Floor. You are
welcome to bring your friends along to the event.

See You There!