Saturday, September 13, 2008

*~ Damn! I Hit 20! ~*

My birthday started off quite unpleasantly when the clock struck 12. There were few disappointments. The next morning was drizzling when i was on my way to college and i just did not like it when i expected the weather to be good on that day. In addition to it, i forgot to charge my MP3 Player which made my journey to the college a boring one.
Everything began to get better later on when we went to McDonald's after the class in the morning.

I ordered its Happy Meal. Yeshh~ Happy Meal with free toy just to cheer myself up. Just kidding. The toy was for the kid at home. Whee~ My favourite Sausage McMuffin for me!

Seakling and Gayvina Gavin.

Sharon on the left.

The replacement class in the afternoon was a bad one. Too sleepy and too lost to catch up. By the time i reached home in the evening, i thought of napping since i was not going out that early. But, changes in plan did not allow napping at that point of time.

Alright. Following are the pictures taken at Luna Bar and McDonald's (again!).
Before i forget, he is Reuben. :)

My cameraphone is not good enough for dark places like the bar and so, not many pictures could be taken there. But when we were at McD's, we used this opportunity to take as many pictures we could. Almost used up all the memory space. Don't waste weiiii~! Oh well, both of us are just too good in posing.

Haha~ With the two round lights...


Thanks for pinching my nose and making it looked red!

Look at him. He was having fun squeezing my damn face.

Not satisfied!

The I-Need-To-Go-Home face.

After five hours of sleep, i woke up by myself at ten! Count backwards and you will know what time i slept. The next thing i knew was going out with my mum and aunts. One of my aunts bought a bag for me meanwhile others gave me red packets. Hohoho~ I saw this top at Roxy but unfortunately they did not have XS. The last XS they had was reserved. Even the branch at Pavilion did not have it too! It's not that i am that skinny or slim or whatsoever (this is what i can assure you since i have too much of excessive fat), but it is because their S is like the usual M or L.

Just too bad for me. I have no fate with this top.


Jacklicious said...

happy belated b'day? ahaha.. sry o.. for the late wishes.. haha.. take care and dont be mad o.. haha

peterfong said...

dear sis,

sorry, i am late :P

Anyway, happy belated birthday 2u~~

what? mcd for your birthday only?

y so sad hur?

your new boy friend ah?

take care ya~~


Autumn Babe said...

haha~ nvm. not too late to wish me happy bday. mcd was a normal meal for us only without intention to celebrate on that morning. i celebrated twice dy before that. hahaa~ let you wonder a bit about that guy. haha

Autumn Babe said...

hey jack,

thx for ur wishing as well. i am not mad at all. u take care too. :)

It's Time to Live... said...

Happy Birthday!

Autumn Babe said...

hello dale,

thank you for your wishing. :)