Thursday, September 4, 2008

*~ Pre-Birthday Celebration ~*

I had my pre-birthday celebration today with my beloved son and daughter and also with their godmother at Mid Valley. I know it is too early to celebrate but i have no choice as our schedules are seriously packed. As wanted, our lunch was at the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant which serves everything in the menu with tea leaves.

You know which one is me.
The only guy is definitely my son.
The one in pink is Kimberly who is the godmother to my children.
The one wearing white, besides me, is my daughter.

We had:
Stir fried fish with oats.
Kangkung with shrimp paste (it means belacan la...)
Golden beancurds.
Aromatic crispy duck.

The desserts ordered:
Red bean paste with black tea.
Water chestnut paste with rose tea.

Knowing that i wanted to eat creamy pasta for the past few days, they forced me into Italianiese for second round of lunch immediately after the first one.

The cabonara for sharing.

Later in the evening after few hours of digestion, i was given a slice of chocolate cake (i have been having a lot of chocolate products recently) by them! Yummy~
And, one of the presents they gave me was a notebook which totally looks like a chocolate bar and has the smell of chocolate!
Nothing else better to give... =_="

Okay, let me share some pictures that i really love a lot besides those above.

The lighting effect was very nice at that point of time when these pictures were taken.


JYPHOON said...

Happy Pre-Birthday to you!!!
and all the best in your exams

Autumn Babe said...

hahah~ thank you jun jun~!
all the best in your attempt to transfer to course :)
wish me on the real date again. hahah