Saturday, September 20, 2008

*~ Birthday Celebration At Seed Cafe ~*

Seriously i looked very terrible on the day (10th September 2008) i had another birthday celebration with my collegemates at Seed Cafe, Mid Valley. Thus, i have only posted some human pictures in Facebook. But here, i am just going to post pictures on food! So, you all might wanna consider about Seed Cafe when dining in.

Chicken Rice for Gavin. Damn! He had been craving for this since afternoon! He came all the way and he ordered this!

Chicken Chop. Few people ordered this. Not potato wedges were not bad. So did the sauce for the chicken chop. Not ordinary mushroom sauce, brown sauce or whatsoever sauce.

Fish & Chips for sure. This is how the usual Fish & Chips looks like.

Stir fried spaghetti with ham.

But creamy mushroom spaghetti was nicer than that one. May be it is because i prefer white sauce when it comes to pasta.

Tiramisu ice-cream. SeakLing waited eagerly for this after her main course. Yum~

Owh owh~ Not forgetting. The prezzie they got for me! I love it so much since i am using the last bottle of Body Shop's Moonflower which is totally discontinued. Thus, i had to look for my next favourite and they got for me this! One problem solved! Pheww~

Thank you for those who turned up on that day:

Seak Ling
Wei Lik
Suet Mei
Michelle Tan
Sheany a.k.a. Ms [S]

Not only to them, for also to those who wished me in facebook, in MSN, in Friendster, through SMS, face to face, through email, through comments in here.

Muacks... Love you all.

In conclusion, i really enjoyed my birthday this year.

Thank you for making all these happened.

For my 21st birthday, may be the plan is celebration at McDonald's with playground. Hmm~ A very good idea.

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