Sunday, September 21, 2008

*~ Nervous Breakdown ~*

This book is so darn boring. Besides black and white, the colours involved are from the darkest blue to the lightest blue. Even all the illustrations are in BLUE! Or may be, a bit greenish?

The whole book is fulled with words like this. Not much bolded words to emphasize key terms. Not much divisions to make reading easier.

This is not even the subject which will be examined tomorrow. But, it is better for me to get this done earlier because this subject is examined together with another paper on the same day; one after another. 2 papers on the same morning.

Until i have to listen to this just to calm myself down! Usually, i don't even bother listening to this!

Okay. I am craving for this now after checking out the photos i took in my phone.
Chicken Meatballs Salsa Rosa.

At the same time, i think that i might need chocolates to release stress.
I need happy food!


I can't wait for all the papers to be over.

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