Friday, September 26, 2008

*~ Finally, She's Also An Aunty ~*

Whee~ The last paper for midterm finally ended on Wednesday afternoon. Three of us went to Mid Valley after having our lunch at college first. No nice movie to be watched for that day. Hence, after getting a present for Michelle Tan from Zara, we had a drink at Chinoz, The Gardens. Very nice and quiet atmosphere. Urgh~ Something we wanted since after so many days we had been battling.

Eye Opener.
(Carrot, Orange, Strawberry, and other fruits which i have forgotten)

Awh~ Not for me.

We headed to Italianiese for dinner after the birthday girl and the rest had arrived.

A present that can't go wrong. A "What's up, Doc?" t-shirt.
Ya ya~ Another piece is added to her Zara collection.

Yeshh~ Finally, the food for the Barbarians us!

Seafood Risotto.

Pan Grilled Fish. Seriously, this is not recommended if you never get to the sour taste of the angel hair pasta.

Calamari Rings Salad.

Meatballs and Spaghetti. The two balls were being positioned in a so damn wrong way.
We were having difficulty in snapping this picture just to avoid it being so wrong.

Name? Forgotten.

Name? Forgotten too.

Name? Salmon Fettucine!
Yummy~ Creamy pasta and Salmon.
A perfect combination of both my favourites!
Shared this with Fira.

Time for more pictures!

"Huh? My Darling Law Lecturer is calling me... Is it because i skipped her class today?"

"She is over there! By the way, thank you. I know my handbag is nice"

Matthew's first mistress (Wei-I), Matthew's legal wife (Sharon), Me, Edwin.

ideon, Sharon, Susan, Fira, Me, Michelle. Figure yourself who is who.

Top row: Fira, Ai Wei, Susan, Mun Yee.
Bottom row: Sharon, Michelle, Me.

Seriously, i think our gang needs more guys to balance up. Please start working on it now.

Finally, the chance was given on that night! We really wanted to do it but we just don't want to get any sinful.

Haha~ See! I told you that we need more guys!
(Oik~ Seak Ling was busy with her boy boy on the phone)

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