Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~* Merdeka Babe's Birthday *~

On 31st of August, besides celebrating Independence Day, we also celebrated Teddy's birthday (yeah~ she is a Merdeka babe) at Michaelangelo again .

The Merdeka babe.

Before showing you who were there on that day, let's look at the F&B part.
My blackberry Italian soda.

The same pizza i had last time. But i still love it!

Extremely creamy Cabonara and "i'm luvin it".

Not really my favourite. Too much of minced chicken filling in it.

Okay. The pictures of those who attended.
Sam and i.

Joanne, Teddy, Clover.

3 + Lisa

Ayumi Hamasaki

Puiyen doing camwhoring.

Urrghh~ I love this shot of hers.

Let me end this post with a butt picture!


jessbabe said...

the butt pic looks good ;P

Anonymous said...

wow round-ish butt with dark spots! emm perhaps it's a dalmation species~ wow~~~~ fantastic! hahaha

-siew yuk-

Autumn Babe said...

hahah~ seems like u all reli like the butt pic. oh well.. it is friggin sexy looking at the way he stands.