Tuesday, September 30, 2008

*~ The Chronical Of My Swollen Eye ~*

The doctor told me that my swollen eye will take longer time than i expected to heal. I was quite unhappy with that news as i still need to walk out from my house and meet up with people. Since after i consulted the doctor, i have always been applying the eye ointment provided and taking a very strong antibiotic. I am supposed to apply the ointment twice a day but i end up applying more than that hoping that it will recover faster.

This morning, the eye swelled even worse. I did not dare to wear contact lenses to the college as i know the swollen part (my eye swells from the inside) will cause itchiness when it rubs againts the contact lense. Thus, being a nerd for a day, but still looking pretty and fabulous, i wore my spectacles to college for the very first time since i have started to use contact lenses. Still, the spectacles made my vision a little bit unclear as my eye power has increased. I did not even put concealer to cover up the redness as i had to apply the ointment.

After few hours of nap this afternoon, i did what the doctor asked me to; by getting a bowl of hot water and letting the steam to get into my eye. I also used the warm towel and pressed gently around below the eye. When i was done with it, i looked into the mirror just to see the part where it swells inside. I felt something was wrong.

I was seeing a bit of yellow fluid in my eye. Shit! It had bursted! From the inside! How was i going to clear it out from my eye! I started to feel panic. I didn't want to get blind, okay? For awhile, i asked myself i should call the doctor to ask the way to handle it. For second thought, my eye could not wait anymore! Immediate action had to be taken! Fine!

By looking into the mirror, i pressed on the swollen part and i could see all the yellow fluid being squeezed out. Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! I took the tissue to gently wipe and i blinked hoping that it would help in clearing the fluid. Oh well, at least it worked or else, my eye would get further infected. I still could see those yellow fluid continued to flow out. Disgusted but yet, i felt excited for no reason.

The next thing i knew, the blood was flowing and flooded my left eye. DAMN! My whole eye turned red and pained! Realising that i should stop touching it, i rinsed my eye, quickly applied the ointment again and just went to bed to rest my eye. I hope later on or tomorrow when i wake up in the morning, it will get better. Psst~ I still can feel the pain until this very moment. Arghhhh~

By the way, i am EXTREMELY in bad mood. Hence, STAY AWAY FROM ME! Thank you.

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