Friday, August 22, 2008

*~ !@^$&#)$_#>?+*$< ~*

Arrghh~ It was so damn embarrassing! Everything started when i met up with Sam out of sudden in the evening. We were experiencing changing of plan which led us to go out together today. It was still drizzling and we walked from Times Square to Pavilion.

Stopping her from walking halfway and we snapped a picture!
The wind blew the wrong way, you see....

When i realised this foreigner was looking at me, i SLIPPED and fell down right in front of KL Plaza. Ouch! Daymn~ That's the problem with my Nike sneakers. It always leads me to a slip; trying to embarrass me badly in the public.

I forgot how Sam reacted.

I heard this Aunty shouting, "Oh~ Jatuh jatuh jatuh!"

The foreigner? Kept looking at me laaaa..... Whatelse?!

Others? Just like the foreigner. Kept looking as well. =_="

My reaction? Embarrassed! In pain! I felt very funny too! It was like when the eye contact was going on and i just went swooooshhhhh and felt down! My white pants got dirty. =_=

With high speed motion, i walked to Pavilion and i had this urge to just swooooshhhh my Nike sneakers into the bin and get another pair of shoes. I also had the urge to just swooosshhhh into Club Monaco to buy the short pants i had been eyeing all the while and just change into it.

After we went into the washroom immediately once we stepped into Pavilion.
Definitely looking better, i know.

Yes, i did swoooshh into Club Monaco but it was later on and i did not change into it la...

Pampering myself once in a while.

Whee~ I think i should stop shopping.
(Hope so... )


sharon said...

haha, ur so not gonna stop shopping anytime soon la gurl. :-)

Autumn Babe said...

lol~ i shall try~