Friday, August 29, 2008

*~ Assignments Kill ~*

What am i doing here?!! I am supposed to work on the assignment at this very moment. Yesh, i am but i just want to take a break. I have been working continuously on assignments since two weeks ago. The assignment that i am trying to complete now is the third assignment. After this one, i will feel so much better. It is not that this assignment is the last assignment, but at least there is a break in between before the next (and really the last) assignment comes in few weeks later which is going to be after the midterm exams. After completing the current assignment, it is time for me to be back on track to study for the midterm exams.

Not forgetting to still hang out with friends in conjuction with my birthday. It's coming! It's coming! But, why don't i see the fun at all when i am supposed to? After i have to delay a week later for the celebration because one of my friends is having her final exam? After i have find out that then the following week, it is my turn to sit for midterm exams for at least 3 days in a row? After i have realised that i might need to delay my plan again? After i have known on that extremely special day, it is still a normal college day when it is not supposed to??!! Why? Usually i have only one class in the morning, and then i am free! However, it is a no-no on that day because i have replacement class until evening! Boring~ *Yawn*

You must be wondering, "Why is this bitch so exagerating over her birthday?" I did not use to look forward and be excited about my birthdays previously. But, i do for this year (excitement created by me is in the air) and i am facing so many problems that keep me away from celebrating. Thank God that i have other things for me to look forward. Next 2 Thursdays for me to look forward!!! Owh~ Can't wait for those days! Just wait for my updates!

As usual, life is always that pathetic.

*Bitchslap myself hard* "Be thankful, bitch, when you can celebrate your 20th year on earth."

Gosh~ Officially turning 20 in two weeks time! Entering a new era!

By the way, i don't expect myself to lose weight since college has started as i can slack compared to those working days of mine. And, i have been eating and sleeping like nobody's business. But, i am losing weight though my body does not show that! This is the sign of stress.

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