Thursday, August 14, 2008

~* Hard Time? *~

An assignment of a thousand words but i am so lost. I am having difficulty in searching for the information. The assignment question is so clear like crystal but i have no idea where is all the hidden information. The worst thing is i don't have the textbook at all. I don't know how wide is the scope. Referring to other books seems making me even lost knowing that the scope is so freaking wide and i have to narrow down my search. I am just afraid that i am going to lose track. I am searching for more and more information, keep them aside and read again later to make sure that the information is relevant to my assignment. When others seem to start typing out their assignment, i am still searching, searching and searching to make sure that i have sufficient information. Once i have sufficient information, typing out the assignment should not be a problem, i hope.

Thinking of what i have been through recently is making me even tired. There are always a lot of matters that occupy my mind, my body and my soul. It's like i can't breathe. Broke up (The starting point). Worked. Then, dealing with daily routines. Settling down college matters. Completing assignments for all the subjects. Celebrating people's birthday. Shopping. Having lots of fun (it can be tiring too, somehow). Drying up my wallet. Love and relationship after the break up.

However, when i have to chance to stay at home, i don't feel like staying at home then. Still, i force myself to stay at home and have sometime of my own. Rest, rest and rest, which is almost the equivalent of sleep, sleep and sleep. Afterwards, wake up with a zombie look.

I know. I am "faan jin". I am human too, afterall. :D I really need support. I just know that i am going to collapse anytime. Like a bomb which is going to explode without you knowing when.

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Leonard said...

You could try dealing it one thing at a time according to priorities.

A good baby-step to start with could be your personal-personal life. Coz when u could chalk up a private victory den eventually u could get a clarity in dealing with r'ship with others n so forth.

Cheers !