Sunday, August 10, 2008

*~ All About F&B + Fun ~*

How can i not post about yesterday, even without pictures, when i had so much fun with a bunch of friends?! It was an awesome day!

We went out to celebrate Sam's birthday whereby our first destination was Bukit Bintang to see if we could watch a movie. Unfortunately, the queue was soooooo long and we decided to just find a place to have lunch and do the chatting. Yeah~ finally we ended up at Nando's.

PuiYen and Teddy.

By the time we finished eating and chatting, we realised it was time to go to the next destination which was Sunway for the steamboat buffet. Yuen Steamboat Buffet with their damn delicious chicken wings. Oh well, at least we managed to drop by at few shops before leaving especially Forever 21. Yeap~ you are right. We went all the way to Sunway from Bukit Bintang just to have the steamboat buffet. :)

With SheauMun and Teddy.

We really had a blast there especially when it came to seeing people fought for the chicken wings which is the restaurant specialty. We could see when that aunty brought out the chicken wings, she just had to stand there for few seconds looking at the people struggling with a du lan look, and then brought the empty tray back into the kitchen. Fortunately, our table was just next to place where they served the chicken wings. The chicken wings were totally yummy~

Lily and Ayumi.

Reuben, Han Loong, and Me.

Sam (B'day Girl) with SheauMun.

For our next stop, we were supposed to choose between Barcelona and Republic just for a drink. Definitely it was Barcelona due to benefits we could get *Wink wink to those who know what i mean*. What can i say about it? Spending a very short period there but totally i was having fun!

My tipsiness + Sam's dizziness + Teddy's K.O. = Sam's du lan-ess... = My du lan-ess

After dealing with Teddy, Sam went like, "KIT MUN! SIT DOWN QUIETLY IN THE CAR! SIT PROPERLY! DON'T TALK SO MUCH!" Wahh! I was feeling so du lan... I kept on telling her that i was alright. I just needed some time to cool down a bit and i was not entirely drunk! I know i know... I bet you guys must be saying, "Ai yaa~ Those who are drunk won't admit that they are drunk." But i really was not drunk mahhh.

Jean in the middle.

Haha~ Whatever it was, i totally had a blast on that day! :D

Lisa and Puiyen.


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