Monday, August 25, 2008

~* My Addiction To Coca Cola Light *~

Urghh~ Coca Cola Light. My favourite drink! Am i going to drink it now? Yes? No? Yes? No? But the weather is soooo cold. It is not that i am going to heat it up!

Anyway, a friend of mine just found out about my blog and he used the word "intriguing" to describe my posts here. He left me with question marks in my mind as i never saw it that way before. As our conversation flowed, i told him that he might not be feeling so in the future when he visits here more often for updates. "I won't", was the reply i got from him. Instead, he intended to read back all the previous posts. =_=" (That also if he is hardworking enough and has not feeling bored yet.)
Since so, i tried to put myself in his shoes. I did what a normal reader would do, having the intention to read back previous posts, which is starting from one month ago, then two months ago, so on and so forth. I do not find my blog interesting at all especially when it comes to mentioning my previous relationship. That part is fulled with stupidity and emotions! Why do i feel stupid there? Ask me. I might share with you.
Where is the best point to start reading better posts? May, 23rd is the best starting point...
Okay... I surrender. Getting my Coca Cola Light now. No worries. I won't be heating it though the weather is cold.

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Sophie Miller said...

Ola, was blog hopping then found myself here :)

In case you don't know this, Coca Cola Lights is also bottomless in TGi Fridays restaurants. Not just the normal soft drinks they served in them tall plastic glasses. The Cola Lights is served straight from the can so feel free to ask for free refills. Heck for the price they are charging for the drinks might as well lepak there all night long with fresh Cola to satisfy your craving!