Saturday, December 27, 2008

~* I Have Mine... *~

But, how about you?


Stef said...

urs is perfect too!! like ripsta's!

mine was a bit distorted with the missing words of the name..


craxgrl said...

haha..i've got mine like sooooooo long ago ..blek! =P

Autumn Babe said...

[stephanie] try to change your name in the profile and see. the details on the pass are according to the details in your YS profile.

[craxgrl] i did not log into YS for long time. that's why few days ago then only i got it when i logged into YS again.

craxgrl said...

wow..u logged into ys to get it? hmm..i didnt..i think neo/ripst sent me an email so i juz clicked from

Ripsta said...

waah.. congrat..
prety huh..
well can show off to everyone there soon.. ahah