Monday, December 29, 2008

~* The Evening I Met His Concubine *~

Was it my birthday celebration? Of course not! It was Mr. [R]'s.

Where were we celebrating? The Apartment at KLCC. The evening before the buffet at KL Rakuzen which meant it was on Saturday. We? Yessss.... Mr. [R], me, his cousin, and the rest were his friends since high school.

Nah! No food pictures for this time. All are going to be human pictures.

Audrey and Abygayle.

Together with Mr. [R]'s cousin, Stephanie, who is all the way from Penang. So happened that she was in KL for vacation.

Yea, i did this to him when he was trying to take out the candle using his mouth. He thought that only his friends would do that to him. Instead, i was the culprit behind. =_=" Nah~ his own girlfriend tricked him.

He fell for it for the second time too! This time, it was not only me but other people as well! Thank you. Thank you, people. XD

Yea yea~ Right before the above happened to him.

Sigh~ The same old way of taking pictures. Guys, school mehhh???!!!

This one definitely looks better! Baru ada gaya!

Ladies from Venus.

Finally, it is the group picture! Now it is the time to introduce each and everyone of us.
Top row, left to right : Amanda, Stephanie, Chin Looi, Sim, Audrey, Cynthia, Ian (Mr. [R]'s concubine which means he is my little sister), Thomas.
Bottom row, left to right : Ho Kee, Han Loong, Mr. [R], me, Abygayle, Andy, Jeffrey.

The so-called candid shot. I still remember someone actually hit my head and i think it was JEFFREY! I have the proof! Look!

Ta daaa~! The Concubine, The King, The Queen.
Hey Concubine, you will be so dead! :P


renaye said...

never had i tried the apartment though working in klcc for years. ;D

Autumn Babe said...

hey renaye,

the apartment is actually outside klcc. when you want go to the park using the exit next to dome, just go to the left of the park and you can see it on your left.