Thursday, January 1, 2009

*~ New Year Eve ~*

My New Year Eve was rather challenging right at the beginning of my date with Mr. [R]. Yeah, i actually celebrated with him alone. It was not that we were forced to, but we wanted to so that we could spend sometime together celebrating on a special occasion. As i said, it was a challenging day for us.

Everything started from an ATM card, i think and we were at Mid Valley during that time. The ATM machine for that particular bank was malfunctioned right before it was his turn and thus Mr. [R] had to use other bank's ATM machine to withdraw cash. However, it seemed like his card was having problem with any ATM machines.

The worst thing was this: When trying on one of the machines, the machine actually printed a receipt then gave him back the card but no cash was dispensed. Looking at the receipt, there was this amount of cash withdrawn printed but no cash was dispensed! According to the normal procedure, my machine will return to you the card first, dispense the cash and lastly, printe the receipt.

Nobody was working at the bank anymore except for the guards and we ended up calling the hotline/toll-free number. We, or should i say myself, got even pissed off when no one answering my call especially calling that kind of number. Fortunately, we went to bank's money changer and someone was there to help us solving the problem. Mr. [R] and i felt extremely relieved.

Initially we wanted to have Tony Roma's for dinner but they only offered the New Year Eve menu which began with starter all the way to dessert and we totally had no interest in it. Therefore, we went to other place in Mid Valley for dinner.

The parking ticket was not being accepted by the autopay machine and we had to go all the way back to the counter. Sigh.

Bad stomachache i had. Because of that, i went to the washroom twice and felt so exhausted and dehydrated.

Of course, good things did happen as well. :)

  1. The most important thing was I enjoyed having Mr. [R] with me celebrating New Year Eve.
  2. We chilled out at Telawi Street Bistro and i ended up at the dancefloor even though the dancefloor is extremely small and crowded. Well, that place is not really meant for dancing. So did Mr. [R]. We also got our party packs when actually the party packs were for those who reserved the tables and ordered from the New Year Eve special menu. All thanked to the one who served us. He was really nice and friendly there. I don't mind going back to the bistro in future.
  3. I got a new top from Blook! Wheee~ It is a nice and adorable top. Even Mr. [R] likes it so much!

Sex on The Beach cocktail.

Mojito. Sour, cold, refreshing! I'm luvin' it.

Party Pack!

How about you?

How did you celebrate your New Year Eve; the last day of year 2008?


Muhammad Nazeef said...

went bowling and mamak~
and got halted in a road block...adess~

lol~..i nearly lost my atm card to the machine..
lucky the bank office helped~

Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

That must be some New Year's celebration. LOL

RasAngela said...

goods and bads happened everyday :) it's an added flavor in life.

Why didn't u pose a pic of the top u bought from Blook? I went there on 30th dec morning but didnt see anything there :(