Sunday, January 25, 2009

~* The Eve of CNY *~

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. Most of us will be going for reunion dinner whether at home or dining outside. Initially, my mother, brother and i were supposed to go out for dinner, but my mum was later on invited by my aunt to have the reunion dinner at Genting Highlands which will be entertained by an old singer. Thus, our reunion dinner is not going to happen this evening.

Brother will not be home early enough to buy me dinner. Mum was quite worried that i am going to die of hunger at home. She was even worried when i told her that i could go out to Bukit Bintang and treat myself a nice dinner. Well, she was afraid that it will be too dangerous for me to go home by myself after the dinner.

Being a kind soul looking after his beloved little sister, worrying that his little sister going to die of starvation, and wondering what would happen to her if she were to go out alone, my brother actually offers me Domino's Pizza. Yes, he is paying for it and i am going to have pizza for dinner. Not too pathetic afterall since i am quite lazy to go out unless i am forced to. Also, i have been craving for pizza. I can't wait to order the Classified Chicken. Simply delicious!

The celebration will begin tomorrow. I hope that this new year, i am getting wealthier so that i can do both saving and spending at the same time! Eek~ I can't wait to get the pair of Gisele Bundchen Ipanema sandals that i am eyeing on.

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