Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~* The Cake I *Heart* *~

Remember Clifford Too? The one invited me to the Grand Opening of San Terri Cottage at Bangsar Village II? I actually had lunch with him today.

The sandwich that he recommended.
Delicious, yet healthy.
I forget when was the last time having this kind of meal.

The best part was he gave me the whole New York Cheesecake which i always wanted. He made my wish came true!

Yummy. Actually, i could just eat the whole cake by just scooping it directly with a spoon and enjoy it while watching television, like how you enjoy half-gallon of Baskin Robbins ice-cream. But i decided to share half of the cake with someone else. Well, in the end, other thing happened. So damn sad. I should have just stuffed myself with the whole cheesecake. Fat mai fat lor.


Anonymous said...

MAMA! u made me fall in love with this new york cheese cake ady!
rawr!!!lurve at first and every bites... firm block of cheese melting in the mouth. ah HEAVEN~ =.="
oh n a cuppa coffee would b perrrrrfecto.

-ur pampered daughter-

Anonymous said...

ah~ remember to share d cake with me too. hahaha dad dun mind hor XD

-again ur pampered daughter-

Autumn Babe said...

share? finished already lor... hahaha.... next time we can hang out there. XD