Saturday, January 10, 2009

*~ Another Wish Came True ~*

I did badly today for the only midterm paper of this semester. I was very dull after the paper but thanked to my dear members, whom i met after the exam, and Mr. [R], i got happy again! Yea, like what was being promoted here previously, Youth '09 is going on these weekends. About that, i will have another post here soon after getting pictures from those members.

Finally, after a week, i got the chance to have a date with Mr. [R]. Yea, i can only see him once a week. Pathetic-nya. I met him at Youth '09 but we left quite early together with other members for lunch at The Mall. Supposed that both of us were going to watch a movie but then it was a bit too late because we needed to go for dinner later on. Thus, we decided to go to Old Town for a drink. Time flied very fast and i knew that i talked too much crap. Felt myself was getting more annoying. Sigh, so eager to talk to him face to face after a week. Realising that, i tried my best to keep my mouth shut on our way to Puchong for dinner. Well, at least i tried and it happened.

Yes! Shabu-shabu that i was craving terribly for the past one week and Mr. [R] made my wish came true! Indeed, he always fulfills my wishes especially when the wishes are about food! But then i think he has to stop it in the future. Since last month until today, i already had 2 Japanese and 2 steamboat buffets. I am going for dieting. Just kidding. In future, when you all see food pictures here, it is most probably because i take more photos on the food rather than eating them!

Alright, so we went to Shabu-shabu Restaurant at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. It is a steamboat buffet for RM26.50 and all the items are served on the convenyor belt like sushi. This means that you don't actually need to lift your butt up at all and you can actually control the heat with two buttons: High and Low. Yea, heating your soup in the pot using electric and not gas. Not bad for the environment. It is true that the condiment served (the mixture of sesame sauce, spring onion, sesame seed and fried shallot) is not nice but the most important thing is the chili sauce. Well, i give a thumb up for the chili sauce.

Some fried stuffs and personally, i think that there is nothing special about them.

Seasoned octopus? Okay lar. Something you can find easily at Japanese restaurants.

Thin sliced pork which i think they are famous for this. It is not at the conveyor belt and you have to get this from the person who walks up and down carrying a tray of this.

After so much of protein, we stuffed ourselves with LOTS of vegetables...

...and mushrooms.

Instead of ending the steamboat session with an egg or noodles which is the traditional way, i actually tried to have ABC soup. Yeah, they even provide all these for ABC soup making. In the end, i did it and at least, it had the taste of ABC soup though not that strong. Come on! Cooking the soup needs at least an hour and i only used few minutes to do it. What do you expect?

Overall, i still prefer Yuan's steamboat buffet in Sunway over this in Puchong simply because the price at Yuan's is cheaper and the ingredients are better. Escargots, crabs, and other seafood that you can't find at other steamboat restaurants! Aiks, except for mutton. You can only find mutton at the shabu-shabu restaurant in Puchong but not the one in Sunway.

Time really flied! A day with Mr. [R] passed with a snap and i have to wait for another looooong week before i can see him again. Sigh~

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